Escher (e.g., hands drawing hands)

who watches the watchers?

Moderation tends to be a do-ocracy. It gets done if people want to do it. That also leads to exhaustion, and isn’t very democratic. Similar to “being worse than random chance”, or the absolute worst ways to board/exit an airplane. Here’s a random-assignment moderation scheme.

You could also compare this to “every moderation board is conveined of random users”

Escher is a moderation system where users moderate themselves:

  1. each user is given two invites at signup, and two strike “hearts”
  2. if a user they invite is banned, they lose a strike heart. if the user that invited you is banned, you lose a strike heart. out of hearts? banned.
  3. users are assigned two random users to moderate that are not within 3 hops of their following/follower or invite/invited distance.
  4. each moderation decision requires a second vote, and each user recieves two moderators (who are also not within 3 hops of invite distance from each other)
  5. report notifications are submitted to the two moderators of a user. reports include undeletable copies of the posts/DMs/quotes involved, in the whole thread.
  6. the two moderators may see moderation history for that user, they may also see who invited that user, and who the user invited, and their moderation histories (but not deeper down the invited/inviter chain).
  7. moderation notification settings allow for a maximum waiting period before they can be issued up the chain of moderators. lack of response for a moderator will be tolerated until the reporter re-submits “this is urgent”, which raises the moderation issue to the next moderator in the chain (but is also grounds for the user losing “this is urgent” privileges if the next moderator disagrees).
  8. users do not learn which accounts they moderate until they receive a report
  9. ban decisions across a user that’s been banned impact the next relatives in the chain (up or down or across) - moderation appeal decisions affect the moderator’s moderators
  10. if the moderation vote is split, the sparing moderator gets a strike. if both moderators disagree with the report, no penalty affects the reporting user.

a flow chart would be helpful: ![[escher-tree.png]]

could also make a system where we note which users someone has given mercy to in the moderation system